Empowering Business & Consumer Insights

Understand markets, decision-makers and decisions, generate new momentum – business and consumer insights are the fuel for corporate growth. Product development, selective targeting, communication strategies and brand building thrive on insights.

Insight Generator

Decipher the consumers’ mind-set. Generate ideas for innovation and growth.

How to find points of leverage to create relevant differentiation and added values for consumers? Where to get ideas for incremental and disruptive innovations?

Here it is necessary to become immersed in people’s everyday life, to unlock the meaning of daily routines, to identify latent motives and needs, to decode the relevance of symbols and understand moments of magic and excitement.

Using a mix of observational, in-depth analytical and projective associative methods, the Insight Generator takes precisely this approach and so paves the way towards new insights and ideas for growth.

Ethnographic excursions to explore realms of experience and observe behaviour.

Narrative interviews and objective hermeneutic analyses to uncover latent orientation patterns and consumer needs.

Creative groups with projective, associative and creative techniques to let hands and images speak.

Focus groups with representatives of a scene to understand the prospects of current trends and developments.

Market Illustrator

Understand market mechanisms. Press the relevant buttons.

What are the important levers in the complex interaction of usage behaviour, emotional and psychological factors and consumers’ perception of a brand or product? Where are the opportunities and risks?

This is where the Market Illustrator comes in. Multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis and correspondence analysis bring together brands, products, target groups and needs to reveal what’s happening on the market. The outcome is a total market mapping that doesn’t just measure but also provides explanation and context.

Identify usage habits as well as emotional and functional needs, understand how they drive preferences.

Determine the relevant factors that influence the purchase of brands and products.

Differentiate target groups, identify core segments and explore potential.

Map the position of brands and products.

Use total market mapping to bring together brands, products, target groups and needs and to identify new market segments.

Segment Profiler

Identify consumer groups, recognise potential and set the strategic course.

What characterises my target groups? What opportunities and potential do they hold for our brand? Which products, which margins? And what can be said about adjacent target groups?

The Segment Profiler consistently focuses on a specific market or product. By means of multivariate techniques, large amounts of individual data like behaviour patterns, motives, attitudes, preferences and decision-making criteria are reduced to vivid consumer or user profiles for marketing.

Get to know the everyday practices and usage behaviour of specific segments

Get to know their preferences with regard to brands, products and product features

Measure drivers and barriers as well as price acceptance

Identify underlying attitudes, motives and needs